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Our Services

What We Do

Rapid Medical provides a full line of support services to our patients in order to get them products quickly, keep equipment in working condition, and work with insurance providers efficiently to keep patient out of pockets costs as low as possible. In addition to standard services like product delivery and safety evaluations in your home or workplace, we also:

  • Perform individual evaluations for specialized products
  • Contact physicians offices to acquire proper documentation for insurance billing purposes
  • Conduct fittings, measurements, and product samplings on appropriate items
  • Labor for warranty repair of defective or damaged products
  • Billing of primary or secondary insurance payer sources
  • Follow through for proper claim payment in the event of denials
  • Accept assignment (we file your claim with your insurance provider to ensure you get the maximum benefit you deserve)
  • Free home safety evaluations

Our services are built around wanting to provide our customers with the best experience to make their treatment or rehabilitation as easy as possible. To learn how you can take advantage of these support services, contact us today.

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